How do I backup my wallet?

The BRD app is designed to be private and secure.  Your wallet's keys are only shared with you and no one else - not even us! To make sure that you are able to recover your wallet anytime you need to, you need to backup your wallet.

Currently, there are 2 ways to backup a wallet created in the BRD app:

1.  Manual Backup

2.  iCloud Backup (only available to iOS devices)


The Manual Backup refers to writing down your 12 word recovery phrase a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere secure.  We do not recommend creating a digital copy of your recovery phrase.e. taking screenshots or keeping the words in a note taking app) as these can be compromised or lost if you lose access to your device. 

iCloud Backup is an optional feature available to users of BRD on iOS.  This feature is a secondary backup option that encrypts your wallet information using your BRD PIN and can be used to restore wallets from one iOS device to another.  It is not meant to replace the manual backup, and we still recommend users have a manual backup even with this feature on.

iCloud Backup needs to be enabled in BRD and requires users to have iCloud Keychain enabled in the iOS settings app. Click here to see how you can configure iCloud Backup in the BRD app.


NOTE: Cloud backups are not available on our Android app. 

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