How do I enable iCloud Backup in the BRD app?

iCloud Backup is an optional but convenient feature available to users of the BRD app on iOS that allows users to restore wallets from one iOS device to another. 

There are certain requirements to use this feature:

  • You must be on the latest version of the BRD iOS app
  • iCloud Keychain must be on and must not be disabled, otherwise you lose your backup


Follow these steps to enable the iCloud Backup feature on your BRD app and take note of some important items listed below:

1.  Turn iCloud Keychain on. You can find this in your iOS device's Settings by tapping your name, iCloud, and then Keychain.

2.  Launch the BRD app and on the home screen, tap Menu and select Security Settings.

3.   Select iCloud Backup and tap on the toggle switch to turn iCloud Backup on.

4.  On the next page, you will be asked to confirm that you understand that this feature will not work unless iCloud Keychain is on. Tap on the toggle button to confirm this and then select I have turned on iCloud Keychain.

5. Enter your BRD PIN and allow the iCloud Keychain to sync.


NOTE: The iCloud Keychain sync may take hours to complete and does not have an indicator to show its progress. The iCloud Keychain sync needs to complete before you can use the iCloud Backup to recover your wallet on a different device.



  • If iCloud Keychain is turned off after backing up your BRD app, the backup can be deleted. You will need to turn iCloud Backup on again after turning iCloud Keychain off.
  • Wiping the wallet in your BRD app does not delete the iCloud Backup.
  • If you would like to delete both the backup and the wallet that was backed up, disable iCloud Backup in your BRD app's Security Settings before wiping the wallet.



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